Assisted Living FAQs

There is no place like home. And for seniors who simply need a helping hand with everyday tasks, there is no place like Silver Palms Certified Assisted Living.

Our assisted living communities are vibrant, engaging places where seniors go not only to age gracefully, but to live well. Our care helps keep them connected to the life they desire and the family they love.

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    What is assisted living?

    Assisted living offers seniors the help they need with the tasks of daily living. It is a residential community that supports and encourages their independence and opportunities to live a full and engaging life.

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    What is assisted living not?

    Assisted living is not a nursing home. The residents may need assistance with medications, meals, housekeeping, and other activities, but is not chronically ill.

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    Is Silver Palms a licensed provider of assisted living?

    Silver Palms Certified Assisted Living is licensed and regulated by the state of Iowa. Licensing ensures appropriate staffing levels, physician-certified care plans, staff training, and medication administration.

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    What are the rates to stay at Silver Palms?

    Our rates are more affordable. We charge a monthly fee that is based on the level of care we provided you instead of the a la carte fee structure. In other words, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality care without worrying about paying extra.

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    Is there a doctor or nurse on duty?

    Silver Palms employs a full-time nurse, and we have transportation to Henry County Hospital if medical attention is needed.

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    Do you have a house physician?

    No. Residents continue to see their own physicians. Silver Palms Assisted Living is available to assist residents with transportation to their doctor’s office as needed.

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    What accommodations are available?

    Silver Palms offers residents a choice of either one-bedroom, deluxe one-bedroom, and two-bedrooms.

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    What services and amenities are included in the monthly rate?

    24-hour staff, 2 daily meals (breakfast options), weekly housekeeping, laundry services, internet/Wi-Fi, utilities, maintenance, activities, level 1 & 2 nursing services, transportation (fees may apply)

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    Can I live in assisted living if I need a wheelchair or walker to get around?

    Yes. In fact, we encourage seniors who need assistance with ambulation to live with us at Silver Palms.

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    What are Silver Palms’ visiting hours?

    When you live at Silver Palms, it is no different than living at home—this is your new home, on your terms. You are free to welcome and entertain guests as you please.

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    Do I have to give notice if I decide to move out?

    All rentals are on a month to month basis, with a 30 day notice for rental termination.

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    May I bring my own furnishings to my apartment?

    Absolutely. This is your home, and you should have all the comforts and furnishings to which you are accustomed.

To learn more about assisted living care and services, visit the following resource organizations online:

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